Upon completion of PR University, each company benefits in the following ways:

  • Strategic Positioning Study - to take advantage of known strengths and un-realized strengths

  • Competitive market profile showing competition strengths and weaknesses as well as the best times to promote etc.

  • Specific Targeting to your most profitable opportunities first. -  Analysis showing most profitable client targets today and into the future.

  • Creative and unique methods to virally spread the word. /    Implementation Plan - Influencer - Focused Steps

  • Guerrilla-Style Marketing efforts to gain the best results with all marketing efforts.  

  • Social Media - Best PRactices - Proven Methods - Tips and Tricks

  • Implemented plan gaining FREE Media Coverage - Builds Credibility and Positive Reputations.

  • Strategic Plan guiding company time, efforts and resources to the most profitable results.

  • Ongoing self-funded marketing accrual. / Examine Opportunities for Free Money - Grants / Coop /etc.

  • Build your Brand to get immediate returns on invested dollars  - as well as long-term ROI

PR University consists of a minimum of 8 Sessions of discussions and preparations.  You will have access to one on one coaching from our proven specialists, gurus and executives.  Touted as the "BEST MARKETING FOR RESULTS - COURSE", this effort will teach you the specifics you need to know to get best results regardless if you decide to do your own marketing or have someone do it for your company. The beauty of this effort not only provides you with lots of opportunity for great marketing but also builds a base giving all members of your team the vision and goals and understanding to grow to the next level.

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3- months and 8 Sessions building your Strategic Process - Designed to Turn You into a Guerrilla Marketer- getting the Maximum Exposure using mostly NO-Cost, Low Cost and FREE marketing methods.

One on One weekly meetings with you and any members of your staff you would like to include.  Proven Techniques to build your monthly sales and profitability.

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