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...There will never be a book titled

“Buying Local For Dummies.”

Local Food Products

We help you create a plan to:
• Present your product to stores.
• Present your product to restaurants.
• Package and present your product to be sold on-line.

We help you:
• Procure the proper UPC’s.
• Create approved Nutritional Labeling
• Understand your Cost of Goods and needed expenditures and profit margins.
• Understand needed promotional allowances and procedures
• Understand best shelf positioning and displaying.
• Develop a distribution plan.
• Understand shrink allowances and procedures. 
• and much much more.

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Those that insist on buying local products from locally owned businesses are the most intelligent individuals among us. 
We all know that buying local food is fresher, tastes better and is quite often safer. But intelligent consumers buy local for even more reasons:

Buying Local:

• Keeps more money in our local economy helping to lower taxes, increase education and build long term growth. This also creates and supports local jobs.  Entrepreneurship and expertise increases and provides investment opportunities. 

• Celebrates the uniqueness of our communities and builds the brand of our cities and states.  This creates community pride, morale and draws tourism.