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​Innovative, unconventional, low cost, no cost, unique, and surprising marketing techniques involving high energy and imagination focusing on grasping the attention of the public in more personal and memorable levels

Authors Panel - Guerrilla Global Summit

Steve Reich - Quill Award for Best Selling Book           - Guerrilla Success - Co-written with Jay Levinson

You may not be the biggest 
. . . Or have the most marketing dollars.

However, with the right plan, you can not only survive but you and your business can thrive. Our team and your team, working together, can find those unique ways to communicate your top selling points. We will determine ways to amaze, thrill and impress your target customers.
-  Business Leaders meeting regularly to assist each other in growing their businesses and profits through Guerrilla Marketing methods.



Jay and Jeannie Levinson

Note on Guerrilla Marketing from our President:
Having a love for marketing since my early teens, I experienced great delight when I first read the incredible book “Guerrilla Marketing” by Jay Conrad Levinson, first published in 1984. In this book, Mr. Levinson describes guerrilla marketing as nontraditional, innovative, low-cost or no-cost techniques of marketing, promoting, advertising, publicizing, etc.
At the time, taking business classes at the University, I was amazed at the simple yet effective examples and methods that were taught.

Guerrilla marketing focuses on getting the message to the right customer in a manner that sticks. Since most guerrilla marketers don't have unlimited funds, they must employ smarter ways to communicate. Guerrilla Marketers use their time, energy, information, knowledge and, most of all, imagination. The Guerrilla Marketer is an excellent networker and must become skilled in storytelling and 
delivering content.
After many years of learning from my 1984 ragged copy of Guerrilla Marketing, I was proud to be asked by Jeannie Levinson to become a Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer.

Thank You Levinson Family and Team!

Steve Reich
R Marketing Dept

​Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer

Steve Reich with Jeannie Levinson