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BUSINESS GROWTH BLITZ            DETAIL:  Most Businesses Look for a minimum of 15% Increase.

  • 13 Weeks Intense-Focused efforts
  • Meet as a group once a week to determine action items and to learn new ideas and methods.
  • Implement proven Guerrilla-Style Marketing techniques - focused on immediate increases in sales and profits. 

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Step By Step -  

GUIDANCE  from Leaders in the industry.

  • Positioning using Strengths you may not realize you had.
  • Targeting for Increased Profits.
  • Implementation -  Proven Marketing Strategies
  • Word of Mouth – GO VIRAL!
  • Social Media – Tips and Tricks
  • GREEN-LIGHT Brainstorming
  • New and Effective Automated Marketing Tools
  • Resonate with New Guerrilla Marketing Techniques 
  • Client Retention Methods
  • Public Relations – Build Credibility
  • Event Execution
  • Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts 
  • Strategic Calendaring and Planning



Here are a few of our happy clients: 

Hi, my name is Holly Meade and I was a struggling business owner 12 weeks ago! No seriously, I want to tell you about an amazing program I found that finally ended my struggles in my business! The program is called ‘Blitz’ by R Marketing and it is a brilliant way to learn how to market yourself and your business. But, I have to tell you, this is no ordinary marketing class, this is an opportunity to sit around the “Boardroom” table with other business owners and Mastermind together with the leadership of a Guerrilla Marketing expert at the head. The information and direction in these marketing strategy sessions that Steve Reich so wonderfully has done have been like gold to me and my business. This has been a meeting that I have truly looked forward to each week. I have learned more in these past short weeks about how to better my business and marketing than all the years I have been in business. I only have good things to say about the “Blitz” program at R Marketing and my advice to you would be to sign up NOW before the word gets out and the next one fills up!  

Dr. Holly Meade   -  Paradigm Consultant Group Llc


Steve has been Vice President of marketing for a large business culture and has seen what is needed to grow a company. His low-cost gorilla marketing experience is the best I've seen that is helpful for the small business world. He has great motivation to help you and I recommend having him help you succeed with marketing. 
Dr. David Spainhower    -  SpainhowerDental Care


Working with Steve and his team have helped me and my business so much! Having them on my marketing team has been a huge benefit for me. Steve and his team not only are amazing marketing gurus, they are genuinely wonderful people. If you are looking to expand your business, I recommend speaking with Steve to see how they can help you.
Annette Judd.     - Judd Homes 


Twelve months ago I contacted four advertising and marketing agencies in Salt Lake City, UT to find the best fit for my business. R Marketing was recommended to me by one of those agencies. I set up an appointment with Steve Reich and within 30 minutes I knew that I had found the right firm. Steve has been able to take my ideas and turn them into reality. He has offered critical advice and direction at the right time to make my business go from mediocre to successful. His insights are incredible. Steve has become a critical member of our business as a result of his understanding of marketing tactics. It is hard to imagine working with someone who is so good at what they do without them telling you how good they are all of the time. Steve’s humility is one of the great selling points of his abilities. I highly recommend Steve for any marketing endeavors a business will encounter.
Casey Hatch - COO Z-Olite Inc. 


I absolutely loved R Marketing’s Blitz course that I just finished. It is one of the most informative courses on marketing and creating the emotional connection in advertisements. Most Advertising salespeople will say it takes 7 impressions before someone makes a positive decision (I would know because I am one). Steve was able to show us how you can actually create a response in half the time with an emotional connection and using free or little cost marketing to get the word out. He literally unlocked the secret vault for advertising and removed the veil of mystery behind why ads do and don’t work. He also showed us how you can really make an impact with some higher level marketing if your budget is a little bigger. I will be using this information for years to come with all of my clients and especially to market my own companies.

Thanks, R Marketing!


If you are struggling with your business and want to have zero cost to low-cost ways of running and advertising your business you need to make the small investment with Steve at R-Marketing and take his 12 week Course.  You will use this valuable information for the rest of your life.  
 – Tami Jo Esplin GOT DIRT


R Marketing’s Blitz course is awesome!  Some of the things that I enjoyed the most are working in groups to brainstorm ideas for each other's businesses, learning about all my different marketing options, and how being creative with your marketing plan is super important.  The information I received I know I will use for years to come. 
- Joleen Cullens  -  Massage Therapist