Whether you are a current client or a future client who is just currently browsing, . . We Challenge you to implement one of the following types of marketing this next week. -  Drop us a line, . . let us know how it worked.

Stop trying the “SAME OLD, . . SAME OLD”
and then expect different results.

Top businesses today seek to do a better job connecting with their customers in more effective, intriguing, lower cost methods.  
R Marketing has helped hundreds of businesses to find their differentiating unique qualities and then articulate and communicate these differences in a meaningful way.

Social Media Planning
 • facebook, twitter, pinterest, linked-in strategies
 • search engine optimization strategies

8 Sessions built to help structure and plan your brand. Designed to turn you into a Guerrilla Marketer getting the Maximum Exposure using NO-Cost, Low Cost and FREE marketing methods.


New Product Launch

From the ground UP!

We help get your product airborne and help answer all your questions along the way

Defined as innovative, unconventional, and low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product.  

Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer -

Steve Reich is here to help, guide, and coach.

Rocket Your Business To New Heights and Greater Profits!

Public Relations

• news, talk shows, free media
 • celebrity endorsements

TV and Radio Commercials

and Media Negotiation

 •Script Writing

 •Filming and Editing

 • best ad positioning / best pricing

          Many types of companies have found success from working with R MARKETING DEPT.  -including Restaurants, Real Estate, Medical, Dental, Chiropractic, Credit Unions, Insurance Agencies, Auto Repair, . . . and the list goes on.

Taking your recipe, your idea, your new product or service to market ?

what are the next steps?

The American Dream has always inspired many to take their unique ideas and turn them into a business.

We can help.

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