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8 Sessions built to help structure and plan your brand. Designed to turn you into a Guerrilla Marketer getting the Maximum Exposure using NO-Cost, Low Cost and FREE marketing methods.


          Many types of companies have found success from working with R MARKETING DEPT.  -including Restaurants, Real Estate, Medical, Dental, Chiropractic, Credit Unions, Insurance Agencies, Auto Repair, . . . and the list goes on.

Taking your recipe, your idea, your new product or service to market ?

what are the next steps?

The American Dream has always inspired many to take their unique ideas and turn them into a business.

We can help.

New Product Launch

From the ground UP!

We help get your product airborne and help answer all your questions along the way

Whether you are a current client or a future client who is just currently browsing, . . We Challenge you to implement one of the following types of marketing this next week. -  Drop us a line, . . let us know how it worked.

Social Media Planning
 • facebook, twitter, pinterest, linked-in strategies
 • search engine optimization strategies

Defined as innovative, unconventional, and low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product.  

Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer -

Steve Reich is here to help, guide, and coach.

Public Relations

• news, talk shows, free media
 • celebrity endorsements

TV and Radio Commercials

and Media Negotiation

 •Script Writing

 •Filming and Editing

 • best ad positioning / best pricing

Stop trying the “SAME OLD, . . SAME OLD”
and then expect different results.

Top businesses today seek to do a better job connecting with their customers in more effective, intriguing, lower cost methods.  
R Marketing has helped hundreds of businesses to find their differentiating unique qualities and then articulate and communicate these differences in a meaningful way.